Easter Weekend

We went to Bishopscourt for a run out before the start of the road racing season. 

Bishopscourt started well, qualifying quickest in the 500 classic and 4th in ss400 class. Unfortunately Marty crashed at the second corner in the first race on friday which has caused a broken right wrist, left ankle and left him feeling bruised and battered. Marty hopes to be back on his feet soon.

We would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ewing Racing and everyone else who helped me out during the weekend, there is far too many to name. 

Credit to Graham Thompson Photography

Credit to Graham Thompson Photography

Armoy Road Races

Marty had a good weekend at Armoy and enjoyed getting back on the Ewing Racing bike. 

On Friday Martin finished in a pleasing third in the 500 classic qualifying. On race day Marty was in 1st position when the bike suffered a mechanical fault which unfortunately meant that he was unable to finish the race. 

Big thanks to Robert Ewing, Brian Ewing, Beller and to Sam and Stevie for their help all weekend. 


Armoy Road Racing

Marty has put an entry in for Armoy Road races for the Robert Ewing racing 500 classic. The race weekend is the 24th and 25th of July. Marty is thoroughly looking forward to getting back out on the roads. 


Not the best weekend at the first road race of the year. Marty finished 6th in the 500 classic. However he had a good run but could have had more practice before the first race.

Thanks to Robert and Brian Ewing racing and special thanks to David Ewing and Marc Kearney for running to get fuel for the bike at the last minute.

Cookstown 100

Marty made a school boy rookie error and fell on the first corner, of the first lap of the practice session. Not the best start to his 25th year of racing! 

However, he is out racing tomorrow after he gets a few qualifying laps in the morning!