Sam Lyons, a boy with a passion for Motorbike racing
If you call at the home of 13 year old Sam Lyons in Hillsborough you can be sure that you will find him either doing his homework of course..... Or, watching motorbike racing on the TV, this young boy loves everything motorbike related.
Sam Lyons is a teenager from Hillsborough Co Down with a passion for motorbikes and racing. Sam grew up around the local motorbike road racing scene, where his Dad, Martin Lyons is a well known and regular competitor, it wasn’t long before young Sam decided he would also like to get in on the act !
At a young age his Mum and Dad bought him his first motocross bike, Sam spent many hours on this wee bike, tearing up the fields around his house, honing his skills on his motocross bike under the watchful eye of his Dad, who incidentally, also started his racing career on a motocross machine many years ago.
At first Sam was happy enough to ride for fun but it wasn’t long before he had mastered the corners and jumps in his home field and needed a bigger challenge. Sam went on to compete in motocross events for a number of years achieving a number of trophies and wins during that time.
Then in 2013, at 12 years old, it seemed that Sam had started to look towards the tarmac and the lure of the local Short Circuit racing, there were only two things on his Santa list that Christmas, an Aprillia 125cc motorbike and a licence to race....
After Christmas it was off to race school for young Sam with his first race in his sights .Sam has taken to the short circuit racing Iike a pro, during his short career in this sport, he has been on the podium and has raced all over Irelands short circuits. He was also very lucky to be take part in a race in East Fortune, Scotland. Sam has a quiet shy manner that disappears the moment he is on that start line, his first year in the sport has seen him finishing overall 3rd in his class, Irish Championship 125/250 Production.

There is no doubt that after a very promising first year at this new sport, this young shy teenager from Hillsborough is one to watch over the coming years as he continues to compete in this very competitive sport.
Asking Sam what his plans are for the future, 2015 he hopes to compete in England and Scotland in the Thundersport GP and Aprillia Superteens class, right in the heart of short circuit racing.