Silverstone - Kawasaki Junior Cup

Sam give his Kawasaki a blast this weekend at Silverstone.

He had an excellent weekend from the outset.

Sam qualified 6th in the Juniors on saturday. In race one on Saturday Sam finished 10th out of 22 and 5th in the juniors. In race two he got a better start and finished 6th overall and 5th in his class, getting faster laps times each lap. 

On Sunday, in race three Sam got a great start of the line and was able to run with the front group. He finished 5th overall and 4th in his class, taking three seconds of his time from saturdays races. Unfortunatly just as Sam was on the pace, race four was cancelled due to an oil spill. 

Thanks to Beller for the help all weekend, MPH Motorsport Management, Scotts of Hillsborough and everyone else who has supported us!!